Monday, June 25, 2012

Updated AS7 <-> EclipseLink integration

I've pushed an update to the EclipseLink <-> AS7 integration library

Version 1.1 now produces a proper JBoss AS 7 persistence provider integration module. It'll automatically inject the right properties into EclipseLink, so you don't need to modify persistence.xml or set system properties anymore.

I haven't found a proper solution to the null static metamodel issue or the dynamic weaving issues. Rich's code for VFS integration plus the logging integration code and the rest all just works automagically now, though.

I'd like to add better integration tests, but I'm being held back by today's JBoss AS 7 issue, .

NOTE: This version of the integration code doesn't seem to work on the latest AS nightly, but it's fine on 7.1.1.Final.

Hope this is useful.

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