Thursday, June 21, 2012

JPA 2.1 will support CDI Injection in EntityListener - in Java EE 7

It's official, JPA 2.1 in Java EE 7 will support injection into EntityListener. I've checked the JPA 2.1 spec, and in draft 3 the revision notes state that:

Added support for use of CDI injection in entity listeners. Added requirement for Java EE container to pass reference to BeanManager on createContainerEntityManagerFactory call.

This is good news. The spec needs more eyes. If you use JPA, you need to have a look. Check to see if any pain points you encounter in JPA 2 are addressed. Check the revision notes at the end and see if something jumps out at you as being problematic or unsafe. If you have concerns contact the EG. More eyes on draft standards means fewer problems in released standards. EclipseLink has already implemented JPA 2.1 Arithmetic expressions with Sub-Queries, option support for select and from clause subqueries and JPA 2.1 JPQL Generic Function support so go try them out in EclipseLink 2.4.0 pre-releases using the latest milestone.

It might be worth trying out the new goodies too. Sometimes a feature seems reasonable on paper, but works very poorly in practice. The spec-before-implementation development model of Java EE means we get to "enjoy" lots of those issues; help prevent more by testing the implementation early.

I didn't see anything about fetch strategies and modes, so I'm going to have to go nag them again. I had success the first time around in pushing for CDI injection into EntityListener, but the spec is significantly further along now. OTOH, the difficulty of controlling eager vs lazy properties on a per-query basis is a big pain point.

UPDATE: done, let's see what happens.

(BTW, it seems a shame that JPA 2.1 is being tied to EE 7, as that's still a long way off.)

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