Saturday, April 24, 2010

Intel, where's my EFI Network/USB/FireWire Target Disk Mode?

I'm torn.

I really don't like working with Mac OS X (or Windows, for that matter - I'm a Linux user by preference) .... but I love some features of Apple's hardware. The build quality and disk bays of the Mac Pro, for example. But above all else, what I love and envy about macs is ... Target Disk Mode. It's a service tech and sysadmin's dream.

Intel likes to make a lot of fuss about all its fancy in-chipset managment features, yet it seems to lack that one most crucial and handy feature - a Target Disk Mode equivalent. C'mon Intel, you can do better than this! You can not only implement FireWire target disk, but Ethernet-based iSCSI Target Disk for true sysadmin heaven. For bonus points, add TPM support so only authorized service techs for the company can get in, and use the built-in network management features to let admins remote-reboot a machine into target mode.

Sadly, I suspect the reason we're not all using this is that the "good" (cough, cough) old PC BIOS is still malingering, and failing to decently give way to EFI/OpenFirmware/whatever like it should.

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