Friday, April 16, 2010

Google Android is not a smartphone OS

... it's a simple phone OS plus a web browser and some Google services. At least if the devkit phone simulator I used to see if this was something I might want to actually use is anything to go by.

It appears to lack some pretty fundamental things you'd expect from a smartphone.
  • Ability to browse and view local files on phone memory or SD card, eg open HTML files, PDFs, etc
  • An IMAP client that can delete messages, mark them as read on the server, etc
  • Any ability at all to support corporate private CAs (Certificate Authorities), since it can't import new X.509 CA certificates
  • Any X.509 client certificate support for secure mail and intranet access
  • Decent sync and backup facilities to a laptop/PC. Oh, wait, you only use Google services, right?
This is Google's fancy new phone platform? Call me again in a few years, once you've grown up a bit - right now, even the iPhone OS is a more solid choice.

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