Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great service providers I use

A few of the service providers I use deserve some credit for great work. They are:

  •, a great VPS host with excellent prices, good service, and really, really good tools for VPS management and control. You'll never need to call support because you broke SSH or installed a busted kernel ever again, since you have a web-based virtual serial console and full bootloader control over the web interface. Check them out, they're excellent.
  •, whose mirroring CDN service "Mirror Buckets" is truly incredible. I put about fifty bucks into it six months ago, and still haven't run out. It's about two thousand times cheaper than my old host's traffic charges - though admittedly that was an Australian VPS host with typically Australian bandwidth-prices-of-doom.
  • Internode, who are the only Australian ISP at time of writing who're offering native IPv6 to regular ADSL customers. They're otherwise pretty decent within the limits of a cut-price cut-throat industry. Imperfect, but they're in telecommunications, and compared to the telco/ISP average they don't even rank on the suck chart.

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