Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solo sysadmin/coder

Are you a solo coder who doubles as a sysadmin or some other role(s) in your organization?

I share your pain - and I want to share these articles with you, because if you struggle with it too they will change how you look at it.

The Coding Horror article was written by Jeff Atwood, a damn fine developer and co-founder of Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange, which to me gives it a bit of added oompf.

While you're at it, read this article on programmer's bad habits ... because you probably do at least one of them. I know I do. They're counterproductive and just make you feel worse, so being aware of them helps.

Of course, nothing is as good as saying "I'm dropping all my other roles, you can hire someone else for them. I'm just programming now, that way I can actually finish the projects I started two years ago." I only have to hold out another two months before the new guy at work is ready to take over :-)

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