Monday, April 11, 2011

Scribd is amazing

I've recently been looking for better ways to publish online editions of the newspaper I work for. We don't have a full content managed workflow internally, nor do we use automatic layout, so CMS-driven cross-publshing isn't currently an option. We're stuck with finding something to do with the PDFs that come out of the print production process for the forseeable future.

Scribd appears to be a much more impressive option than direct PDF publishing or tools like flexpaper & pdf2swf. The HTML5 viewer is amazing. Note how all the elements are selectable, columns have been correctly recognised in the pdf text, etc?

Here's an example.

This is the iframe-based embedding view, showing the HTML5 document viewer. There's also the option for native (iframe-free) embedding, but unfortunately it's Flash-only at the moment.

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POST Newspaper 2011-04-02 Small


  1. Just don't expect to get your files out again in future.

  2. They have a download option, and appear to support downloads of the original file. Files may be removed from the service, and the ToS clearly terminates their license to use them (though not any sublicenses granted) when the files are removed.

    Where's the problem?

    Anyway, I was referring to its utility as a publishing system. I can and do keep copies of my files for myself. Scribd isn't a web-based file hosting service like dropbox and doesn't pretend to be.


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